GH’s portryal of birth

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is why women are afraid of natural birth:( Stupid producers. She gets kidnapped, gets in an accident, finds an abandoned cabin, kidnapper shows, up…fine, it’s a soap opera, I’ve seen dumber. But the Soulder Dystocia?! She’s sitting there on the couch having the other woman “push the baby’s shoulders down as she pushes” to get her unstuck?! IDIOTS! Have her get on her hands-and-knees, the baby will pop out!

THIS is why women are scared of natural birth. THIS is why they go to the hospital when it isn’t needed. THIS is why they let doctors pull their babies out with focepts and vacuums (I was one of them) without trying anything else. THIS is why they agree to c-sections for “big babies” when there’s no evidence it’s safer than to atempt vaginal birth. Jesus…can’t we see one normal birth on TV? Have her take control, squat or get on hands-and-knees and pop that sucker out!

STUPID STUPID STUPID:( And those of us who believe that crap are more stupid…

And yes…I understand it’s just a show, but it’s like anything else, the more you watch the more you start to buy into it all, violence, sex, birth, it’s all the same. Watch natural birth? Believe it works. Watch crazy birth drama, believe it’s normal.


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